Wear and Tear

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Wear and Tear

When taking a lease car finance option, you have a responsibility to return the car to the finance company in good a condition. The car will be inspected at the end of the contract and any damage may incur a penalty to repair the vehicle. Obviously if you have a car for 2 or 3 years it is inevitable a few marks will appear from stone chips etc, so the BVLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) created a guide to what amounts to fair wear and tear.

These rules are a guide

The vehicle should be returned in a safe and roadworthy condition, with all the appropriate documentation, spare keys and equipment ect.

Vehicles should be serviced following the manufacturer’s service schedule. Books should be stamped at the time of service.

Before the vehicle is returned it should be cleaned to allow a thorough inspection of it.

Brief Guide to Fair Wear and Tear


Small areas of chipping. Light scratches up to 25mm in length, relative to the vehicle´s age. Small dents up to 10mm providing that no paint has been broken.

Stone chips or scratches over 25mm in length that have exposed the metal or have rusted. Any impact damage or multiple dents on a single panel.

Interior Upholstery

Should be clean and tidy, with only slight wear and soiling through normal useage.

Burns, tears or permanent staining. Any damage caused by the fitting of equipment such as mobile phones and sat nav units.


Small scratches outside of the drivers vision.

Holes, chips and cracks in the glass and scratches inside the drivers line of sight.


Minor scuffs upto 25mm in length. (Tyre tread must also meet minimum legal requirements.)

Scratches and other damage to wheel surface.

Wing Mirrors

Minor scuffs as long as no paint has been damaged.

Missing, damaged, or cracked wing mirrors.


Minor scuffs upto 25mm in length.

Deep scratches where paint is broken or dented.

Please note, different finance companies have different standards of how they see as Fair Wear and Tear. So please check the wording on your finance documents.

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